Thursday, May 20, 2010

Heavy Lifting

Last week I went on a Twitter tirade about a local radio personality by the name of BJ Shea. I don’t listen to his show, like, ever, but it was playing on my radio while I was swapping CDs and he made some inflammatory comments about pregnant women in the workplace. As a result of my “tweeting,” I was contacted by Steve the Producer at 99.9 KISW and told that they would love it if I sent an email or even phoned to tell them why I hate BJ so much. (I am also now being followed by a podcast out of Seattle; I don’t think this is a coincidence.*) I’m thinking that Steve did not read all of my stream of concsiousness comments, because, really, I explain everything right there. And now I am wondering if there was any shit-talking happening on-air over a lack of understanding in regards to what I said. Anyway, below is the complete rant:

thelexhex I think BJ Shea should be killed with fire. Listening to even a second of his morning show almost always pisses me off. 12:08 AM May 14th via web

thelexhex Case in point, yesterday morning he began talking shit about pregnant women who cannot do as much in the workplace b/c of their condition... 12:12 AM May 14th via web

thelexhex "Heaven forbid you do any heavy lifting," he shouted. This struck a nerve. I nearly lost my oldest daughter b/c... *drum roll please* 12:14 AM May 14th via web

thelexhex I tore my gestational sac... from HEAVY FUCKING LIFTING. The item in question was a 21 lb cat, btw. Not that 21 lbs is normally "heavy".

thelexhex So, yes, heaven forbid a pregnant woman does any heavy lifting b/c she can end up killing her fucking baby. 12:19 AM May 14th via web

thelexhex And, no, I don't really think that BJ Shea (or anyone, for that matter) should be killed. That's not how I roll. That guy just pisses me off 12:21 AM May 14th via web

So, to recap, yes, BJ Shea pisses me off. I hate his morning show, and his comments about pregnant women that day were ridiculous. No, I do not really think that he should die in a fire because, again, that is not how I roll. Am I going to call in and get into a debate with him over why he’s a grumpy asshole? No, because I have better shit to do with my time. And, NO, pregnant women should not do any heavy lifting regardless of what their job responsibilities entail, and regardless of what some asshole with a radio show thinks. Seriously, it's not worth it.

*Shortly after I posted this, The Dave and Steve Show tweeted at me to let know that their hitting +Follow actually was a total coincidence. AWESOME!!

**Also, I hate the terms "tweet" and "tweeted." Is there a less dorky sounding synonym regarding Twitter posts out there? Should I just keep my thesaurus handy? I'll go with the latter...

***A couple of weeks after I posted it, The Dave and Steve Show stopped following me. LOL

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Jen said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

First of all, sorry you went through that! So glad you got your little cutie after all that, I cannot imagine how scary that must have been. Also, they want you to call in because conflict increases ratings. If you are skipping through stations and hear some feisty mama cursing a jackass out, it might be more interesting than the commercials you went by on the previous 10 stations. Screw them. They're trying to piss people off just to get people mad and write/call in so they can use that material for their show and increase their ratings. For some reason, women-bashing seems to be popular among male radio personalities. Sadly there must be a HUGE audience for this, or there would not be so many of them. And that is what really disturbs and saddens me -- that there is this audience AS WELL AS paying sponsors who want to support it. Like, I can't imagine people really being so heartless? And to do it for money is bad, but to enjoy listening to it because you agree is MESSED UP dude. Anyway...the worst press is always no press. Good for you for not fueling the fire. They can suck it.

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