Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts #18: Spiders need to DIAF

*Disclaimer -- for any gamers, this post contains some kindasorta mild spoilers for Resident Evil 5, so this is your warning (if you care about that type of shit).

I feel like a bit of an asshole -- posting my silly little ramblings while Japan is getting completely fucked right now. However, sitting around and moping won’t help anything or anyone, so let’s get this party started, folks.

Do it.
  • I have had a string of very, very bad days, thanks to the fuckery of bipolar-ness. It is intensely frustrating, and infuriating, and it makes me wish that I could hack my brain. Get in, re-write, and probably flat-out delete everything that’s wrong.
  • I find it intensely upsetting that there are people out there who honestly think that the things happening in Japan right now are some kind of punishment from God. Seriously, what the fuck?!
  • Jeremy and I have been watching the first season of Rock of Love via Netflix. It’s awesome stuff, and I fucking hate Lacey.
  • On the subject of Jeremy, SOCOM 4 (the game he’s been working on for eleventy-billion years) went into Beta today (details here). Dig it.
  • I haven’t been sleeping well at all lately. The worst part is that my short bouts of sleep have been interrupted by nightmares about spiders. And not just any spiders – big fucking monstrous things! Two nights ago was particularly disturbing. The thing was the size of a goddamn tennis ball (not counting the legs).
  • OMFG, flashbacks of playing Limbo. The spider in that game, though merely a somewhat cartoony black and white shadow terrified the FUCK out of me.
Dude, RUN!!
  • This morning, Munchkin threw the end-all be-all of temper tantrums. It was most definitely the worst tantrum she has ever thrown over anything ever.
  • I’m fucking starving, right now. How about you?
  • Saint Patty’s Day happens to be super retard cat Gizmo’s sixth birthday. I still remember when he was a wee babe, all ears and nowhere near as fucking annoying as he is now.
  • I need to get Midget’s final inoculations before I can enroll her in school (barring any assessment fuckery). I am not looking forward to this, as the last time she had to get shots, she spent about fifteen minutes under the exam table screaming and crying until I had to forcefully pull her out MMA-style. After that it took me and two other nurses to restrain her before she was actually injected with anything.
  • I guess it would be prudent to mention that Midget is, like, ALL MUSCLE. Her legs are unreal, and she has a fucking six-pack.
  • Jeremy and I downloaded Shuma Gorath and Jill for MvC3 today. You guys, seriously? Shit just got real. Even though Jill's gameplay is completely different than the last game, she is still my head bitch. Sorry, Dark Phoenix – you’re awesome, but get your frail ass off of my team.
  • Maybe with a little more practice so I can make some positive changes to my pathetic online record. (Iron Man and Sentinel spammers, yo.)
  • I really wish I would have played Resident Evil 5 before MvC3 came out, though. As awesome as Jill is, everything about her is a giant RE5 spoiler.
This ad ran in Famitsu magazine prior to RE5's Japanese release.
Okay, people. I’ve gone on about a whole lot of nothing long enough. I don’t really have an intelligent way to close this out, so I’m going to remind those of you in the States to text “red cross” to 90999 to help support those in need over in Japan. (“Asia” to 30333 for any Canadian folks here today.) Hug your loved ones and stay classy, party people.

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Wishing you a great day from Ontario, Canada!

Doria said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh my gawd my daughter is the same way about shots! Every time we go to the Dr she thinks it's shot time. We have to team up on her, she's so strong! hahaha. i feel ya pain there. I still know ABSOLUTELY nothing about games, lol. Unless its Farmville or something on Facebook. I do know resident Evil, the movie, RAWKS! HAHAAH..

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