Friday, April 1, 2011

Heart Songs

I love music. Like, seriously. I have to have music playing most (if not all) of the time. It’s so good for the soul, sometimes, to just pick a track that really speaks to me and blare that shit as loud as I can (depending on various environmental factors). My car has a wild assortment of mix CDs that I have created while listening to countless other tracks that ultimately didn’t make the cut. Music can make or break a mood; it can help provide a little more energy on a listless day or it can help one to relax at the end of a crazy night.

Naturally, Midget and Munchkin are developing their own musical preferences based on the things that I play. We can’t take a car ride without one or both of them making various musical requests, always beginning with what the girls fondly refer to as, “The Telephone Song.” Hearing Midget singing along with Lady Gaga is pretty awesome. Even more awesome is when she sings Liar along with Henry Rollins. I have been trying – FOREVER – to capture audio of this little slice of awesome to no avail.

Some more songs that the girls request on a regular basis:

I'm On A Boat -- The Lonely Island (Also known as "The Boat Song" by Munchkin)

Girls! -- Inspector Double Negative (IDN)

Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed) -- The Raveonettes ("The one where they say 'grape-shun'" -- Midget)

Tribute (Live Acoustic) -- Tenacious D 

B.Y.O.B. -- System of a Down 

Natalie Portman -- Ozma

Now, I know that some of the above musical choices may not be seen as age-appropriate for a 4.5 and a 2 year old, and that haters gonna hate, but the girls enjoy these songs, as do I. We sing and dance along, and I must say that it’s pretty rad – and beats the hell out of nursery rhymes and Disney Radio any day.

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Doria said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Good picks there, I find it rare to talk with someone who enjoys Tenacious D. My daughter and I love some Jack Black. Though I haven't introduced her to Tenacious D :)

thelexhex said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Tenacious D is awesome. Jack Black is a funny bastard, though Kyle seems like he's a bit of a dick.

The girls really only know Tribute, though I am pretty sure they have heard the Pick of Destiny album at least once. This will have to change as they get older :D

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