Saturday, May 28, 2011

Oh, Google. SMH.

I feel kind of bad for the legions people who stumble upon this blog via Google searches. Don’t get me wrong – I like getting traffic: it makes me feel like the things I publish here may actually matter to somebody out there somewhere.


Judging by the keywords I’m seeing in my traffic reports, people are finding my blog for all of the wrong reasons. Folks looking for an image of that sick-ass Sirius Black wanted poster from Prisoner of Azkaban keep stumbling upon my insanely introspective entry about my loss of artistic ability/inspiration, as is the case for the legions of folks who seek the lyrics to the old TGIF jingle that played on ABC back in the early ‘90s. (One of the worst ear-worms ever, I might add.) 

Obviously, it doesn’t end there. People searching for images of cornflakes are treated to my rage-filled entry about sex-offenders. “Video game girl characters get fucked” is bringing those particular miscreants to a post about empowered female protagonists who are doing everything but getting fucked.

I don’t even know what the shit “dwarf pussy willow” even means or how that’s even leading people to Dorkisms in the first place. And, honestly? It might be better not to know.

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*giggles* Its cause you're so AWESOME <3

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