Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts #51: Help me, I am still in laundry hell

Ho hum, you guys. Ho. Hum.


  • So, what can I say about Halloween today…? I’ve mentioned a million times that it’s Munchkin’s birthday, so I’ll start with that. We threw a party for her on Sunday so that folks could make it over, and I am bloody exhausted. So much cleaning and planning and decorating went into it. All in all the birthday and the holiday were successful: the birthday girl was/is happy, no one got killed and we have an absolutely ridiculous amount of candy in the house.
  • Okay, so there was one Halloween fail, and that was my costume. I was going to be an undead police officer (I think I linked a pic a few weeks back?). I had a shit-ton of fake blood, a bomb-ass prosthetic bite wound, and all kind of cool shit to really make the costume… pop (LOLZ forever because I crack myself up sometimes). Unfortunately, do to time constraints, the only bit of makeup I was able to apply was around my eyes; the bite and my skillz with powders and paints went totally unused, so I was basically handing out candy in blood-stained fetish wear. Maybe next year…
  • One of Midget’s schoolmates had a birthday party on Saturday, so, of course, I was tapped to take her, and, of course, my social anxiety went fucking HAYWIRE. Then, as some sort of cruel joke by the Fates, Midget is the one who flipped her shit at the party because she felt nervous and shy! So then I got to be a total hypocrite and give her a pep-talk about how she shouldn’t be nervous, etc. She got over it, I didn’t. I was ridiculously out of my comfort zone – it was insane. Thankfully, the party ended up being super short, so I was able to get the fuck out of there with minimal damage.
  • I have an awesome Willow maquette from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but there are two things that are bothering me about it right now: two of her fingers have broken off (when the fuck…?!), and she has the absolute worst fucking base of any collectible I have ever seen. You have to, like, fit her feet into the contours of the billowy bits or whatever, but it is precarious and nerve-wrecking as fuck because there's nothing that locks it in -- it all depends on the thing's own weight. I can’t even tell you how many times I have flipped my shit over the near-dropping/falling of this statue.
  • It’s fucking cold out here and I am not a cold-weather person. I want to go to the beach.
  • Jeremy and I stupidly decided to re-arrange our living room furniture on 2am Sunday morning. Once we shifted everything around, it turned out that the layout of our place (we have a great room as opposed to separate living/dining rooms) just wasn’t going to work with our furniture, number of electrical outlets, etc., so we had to move everything back. And it sucked. And I got two hours of sleep going into Munchkin’s little shindig.
  • The car needs an oil-change and the defroster is being a fickle bastard. Not looking forward to dealing with either of these things. Don’t I already have enough to do?
  • Trying to get my dad to get his ass out here for a visit next month. It probably won’t happen.

Alright then; time to get up and continue my cleaning and breaking-down of decorations. Though, honestly, I would love to say, “Fuck it,” and spend a couple of hours catching up on sleep.

Decisions, decisions…

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Doria said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Ugh some social situations are the worst arent they? Pokey wants to invite her friends from school this year and Im already nervous! lolz

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