Friday, August 3, 2012

Heart Songs -- Third Strike!

It occurred to me that I haven’t done one of these in awhile, so I figured, “Hey, why not?” Sharing my music may not be the strongest of blog posts, but it gives me an excuse to A) derp around on YouTube, and B) actually update this place.

Anyway, let's get started!

Phantogram: When I’m Small

Goddamn, I love this song.

The Raveonettes: The Beat Dies

Goddamn, I love this song, too. Ignore the stupid slide show and enjoy. Or don't. I'm not telling you how to live your life.

Fun. (feat. Jenelle Monae: We Are Young

Heard this in the trailer for This Is 40. It grew on me to the point that it's all up in my Spotify, clogging my ears. Also, this video is fucking weird.

Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Bon Iver: Monster

Sex with a pharaoh? What? Oh, Kanye... you so crazy! On the flip side, Nicki Minaj is fierce as always.

Men without Hats: Safety Dance

This is on Rolling Stone's list of the worst songs of the 80's. Naturally, I plan to burn it to disc and play it in the car with reckless abandon. By the way, what in the hell is happening in this video?

Petri Alanko: The Well-lit Room

The entire score for this game brings me to my happy place; it's really great. This song, you guys...

Beastie Boys: Intergalactic

The Beasties!! Every day, something by these guys. This just happens to be at the top lately. It's a shame that MCA passed away... Fuck cancer.

Ichiro Kohmoto: Cruel Marks

More good score action here. Slightly eerie but whatever.

Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory: Halls of Science-4

This is my ringtone and it's awesome.

So, reader(s), what have you been listening to lately? Share!

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