Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wait, whaaat?

Everybody knows that kids say some weird shit: Awhile back, I shared some of Midget’s more memorable gems from her younger days. Well, now that Munchkin has been legitimately speaking for the last two years, there are even more strange thoughts and phrases floating around the house.

Are you ready for this?


Oddball quote #1:

Munchkin: I’m not a Pillow Pet, so do not pet me.

Oddball quote #2:

Midget: We are sitting and standing on ghosts right now that will rip out our spirits!

Oddball quote #3:

Munchkin: If Gizmo was a super-hero cat he would fly and hit his head all the way up there.

Oddball quote #4:

Me, in the kitchen doing some spontaneous sort of head-bobbing.

Munchkin: Stop dancing.

Me: No. [pause] Or what?

Munchkin: I will cut you.

Oddball quote #5:

Munchkin asked me to show her the Resident Evil 6 gameplay of Ada Wong's campaign (the kid really likes Resident Evil games; I'll probably put a separate post about this together because omg parenting fail, amirite?!) I wouldn't let her watch the video past a certain point because of a nude Spider-Bitch monster with shiny boobs and hella veins. So, after I explained that I can't let her see anymore, we started going back and forth, resulting in...

Munchkin: Mommy, I'm not scared.
Midget: It’s not because she’s SCARY – it’s because she’s NAKED!!

This was yelled very loudly, in the backyard, with no context whatsoever. Did I mention that the neighbors keep their windows open pretty much at all times? Face-palm

Oddball quote #6:

Munchkin: Awkwaaaar~d...

Amazingly enough this was not related to the previous quote. 

Smh... My girls.

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