Thursday, March 27, 2014

My experience with Burial At Sea Episode 2 summarized with animated gifs

March 25th was practically a goddamn holiday for me because it meant that the final installment of BioShock: Infinite's DLC, Burial At Sea Episode 2, would be available for download. The conclusion of Elizabeth's story (which took a rather interesting turn in Part 1 that left me with a lot of feelings) was nigh and it would be grand! Not gonna lie: I traded my usual Kermit-flailing for a variety of different happy dances.

(Okay, I can't move like Leo, but whatever -- you get my point.)

Jeremy and I got started, and I was immediately pulled in because damn -- even though Irrational had released a snippet that showcased some of the things I was seeing, it was INTRIGUING. We were now in Elizabeth's shoes! ELIZABETH'S SHOES!!! How would her ability to open tears impact gameplay? Surely, it was going to be hella dope. (Nope...)

But there was that thing that was revealed very early on.

From there, things were still interesting enough to keep me engrossed/curious about where it was all going to go, but it started going downhill.

Then came that one thing that was fucking HORRIFYING.

Not long after that came... the end...? Seriously?

Buuuuuut, at least I got my Lutece fix, so there's that.

All gifs courtesy of giphy, except for that last one, which came from

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