Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts #11: RPatz ruffies

Goddamn – it’s Tuesday already!?

You know that RTT is Keely's brainchild, right? Good.
  • OMFG, 90210 came back from mid-winter hiatus!! (Spoilers!) The CW is still doing that weird happy, bubbly episode preview thing; next week looks like some fun hijinks will ensue when the girls go to some sort of yoga retreat. On the flip side, I just finished watching Naomi tie her rapist to a chair and beat his ass before having to be talked out of stabbing him in the throat. Sure, he had it coming, but where in the shit is the transition between this and happy yoga fun tiemz??
  • I discovered Dave Chappelle’s Twitter feed and it is seriously one of the best things since the advent of modern plumbing. (Turns out this is not the real Dave Chappelle, which is lame. Still pretty funny, though.)

Why does this look so blurry?
  • Wizard magazine was shut down yesterday. I don’t know what I am going to do with myself.
  • Okay, so, yesterday my windshield was struck by an unknown bit of debris as I drove down the 405. Naturally, I flipped my shit b/c the last time this happened (which was in June or July, and also on the same stretch of the 405, wtf?), I had to have the whole windshield replaced. I lucked out this time, though, and got away with some very slight rock-chip damage that didn’t even need to be filled.
  • That last bit becomes infinitely more interesting when I mention the angry-ass Chinese man that worked at the local Speedy Glass. I called them twice (I forgot to ask how long rock-chip repair takes first time around) and this bloke answered both times. First time around, he abruptly cut me off and then transferred me to the nice bloke that works there. The second time around, I wasn't so lucky; instead of transferring me or answering my question straight-away, his response was, "Didn't you just call here? Like, ten minutes ago?" 
  • What a dick, right?! I got there, and I saw him sitting in the back room when I arrived. The other guys were outside in the work area; instead of responding to my greeting he gave me a dirty look and knocked on the window to let his co-workers know that they had a customer. I flat out told them that their buddy was a dick, which they laughed at. I was told he was having a bad day; fuck that shit. I’m an asshole – I know this, I get it. But even on my bad days I will still be polite and courteous, and I will wear a goddamn smile if the situation calls for it.
  • I need to stop including full-on novels in RTT posts.
  • Jeremy and I finally took the girls to see Tangled over the weekend. It was Munchkin’s first trip to the theatre, so she was all hella excited. It was pretty rad.
  • At the movies, Jeremy was lucky enough to sit next to a group of teenagers that included a girl that couldn't follow the story (her friend had to keep explaining what was going on) and a bloke who thought he was too cool to be there; apparently he would get all huffy whenever somebody sang a song.
  • One of the most horrifying things I have ever seen: Twilight Sweethearts – particularly the box that features only a sinister looking RPatz against a black void. It looks more like a box of ruffies than a box of candy.
4 oz. of date rape.
  • You know those sticks that have a plush horse’s head attached at one end? I fucking hate those things -- there is so much potential for disaster! Naturally, Midget now has one.
Okay, this bit sounded a lot more complain-y that usual, didn’t it? That blows, especially when there are so many people with more legitimate problems out there. And here I am complaining about a toy horse and some asshole at a glass-repair joint! On that note, I’m going to do some serious self-eval and hope that when next Tuesday comes I won’t sound like such an ass! Wish me luck?

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Love Dave Chappelle!

Happy RTT!

Doria said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Dave Chappell is so funny!

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