Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts #20: Still going

Okay, so, I know that Keely has announced a Random Tuesday hiatus, but I’ve grown so accustomed to doing this every week that I just. Can’t. Stop. With that being said… 

Link to Keely's has been disabled for now. Sad face.
  • I went to the emergency room last week due to an adverse (allergic?) reaction to an anti-depressant called effexor. I was going to write a post about it, but it was actually quite boring. The highlight reel includes an EKG (I had some burning in my chest and arms), blood work, and a CAT-Scan (to rule out any neurological damage). Thankfully, everything turned out okay. 
  • It should go without saying that I am scared shitless of the medical bills that are going to start arriving (our insurance sort of sucks). Oh, how I miss Kaiser Permanente!!! 
  • Midget has suddenly become deathly afraid of things that go bump in the night. Last night she completely flipped her shit because the dryer was running – and, obviously, making noises. 
  • Now that the weather is slowly but surely warming up, I feel motivated to work on the house again. We moved in a year ago later this week and the place is still a massive work-in-progress. 
  • Ironically, I just turned the heater up. 
  • I started Resident Evil 5 last week (like I said I would). I have only completed Chapter 1-1. It probably will take me twelve years to finish it.
  • I finished all six volumes of The Walking Dead. Reading graphic novels should not be so stressful. Book Four, in particular, is just… wow. 

Hrrmmm. I really don’t have much to say this week. Maybe I can make up for it with incessant Twitter-babble and an actual post about any number of random topics soon? IDK. We’ll see. For now, though? I have to get Munchkin off of the dining room table.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A letter to Insomnia

Dear Insomnia,

It has been somewhere around fifteen long years since our on-again off-again relationship began, and I feel that it is as toxic as ever. You forced your way into my life out of nowhere and you still refuse to leave. Sometimes you strike when I am so exhausted that I can’t even see straight (adding to said exhaustion). Sometimes you lull me into a false sense of security, allowing me to sleep peacefully for a couple of hours before I wake up to use the loo, only to discover you in my bed, making me uncomfortable and filling my head with trivial things that have no place in anybody's thought process at four in the morning.

Dude, this has gone on for too long. If you had a corporeal form I would stab you. Repeatedly. I would do horrible, horrible things to you as payback for the many hours (years?) of precious sleep that I have missed out on because of you. Sleep that is more important than ever now that I have children to take care of, a house to maintain, and roughly twenty hours of driving to do every week. I cannot adequately function on so little rest; I become cranky and lethargic. I just can’t have that, especially since nap time is fleeting.

Insomnia, I know that you and I are not done, and we are clearly in this for the long haul, but that does not stop me from wishing you the absolute worst (again, if you had a corporeal form). Why can’t you pester somebody that deserves the sleep deprivation, like any number of the disgusting assholes in the big, big world?

Sincerely wishing I could murder you,


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts #19: Get ready to get bored

I almost didn’t put one of these together this week, but then I looked at my blog traffic, strung together a whole slew of profanities to myself, and resolved to make this shit happen.

Tell Keely she's pretty.
  • Congratulations to my good friend (who shall remain nameless for privacy) on the birth of her second daughter! (Condolences for the sleep deprivation.)
  • Remember when I said that one of my goals was to open jars of spaghetti sauce unaided? I accomplished that goal over the weekend and it was spectacular.
  • I’ve resolved to start Resident Evil 5 at some point this week. I’m actually really, really excited about this.
  • I’m probably more excited than I should be.
  • I’m not excited that, due to various circumstances, it will probably take me twelve years to finish it.
  • I should probably also play RE4 first, but whatever.
  • I should probably finish Alan Wake first, but whatever.
  • In my last bit of gaming “news” for the week, I’ve given up on MvC3’s online versus mode. I like playing against other people, but I just cannot hang with all of these kids that are able to dedicate hours to practicing their cancels. Don’t get me wrong – I know what I’m doing, and I can Team Aerial Combo like a motherfucker, but these other folks I end up playing against are insane. (They’re also dicks.)
  • I should also mention that I am getting much slower in my old age. Doing a crouching light kick followed by a standing medium into a crouching medium into a standing heavy is proving much more difficult than it did when I was all young and my hands weren’t so beat up.
  • When I worked for the Humane Society my hands got seriously fucked up. Rabbit bites and holding a high powered hose for hours on end will tear your shit up – and FAST.
  • My time at the Humane Society also ruined my opinion about rabbits forever. Maybe I’ll write about this at length another time. (Though, is that something anybody would really want to read about?)
  • Whenever I have to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy I get kind of paranoid that the pharmacists are judging the living shit out of me, since they obviously know every medication I’m taking.
  • One of the things I really hate: poops that interrupt naptime.
  • I am terrified of the day Munchkin decides to drop her afternoon nap.
  • It’s finally starting to look and feel like spring around here, which is fucking AWESOME in for a billion different reasons. However, this also means that at some point, Jeremy or I must mow the lawn.

This turned out to be a lot longer than I thought it would be! On that note, Keely has announced that RTT is going on hiatus, though other bloggers can feel free to keep going w/out using the fabulous linky button you see at the beginning of these. I haven’t decided if I’m going to continue the weekly shenanigans or not, though. I’m leaning toward yes, but we’ll see.

Peace OUT.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts #18: Spiders need to DIAF

*Disclaimer -- for any gamers, this post contains some kindasorta mild spoilers for Resident Evil 5, so this is your warning (if you care about that type of shit).

I feel like a bit of an asshole -- posting my silly little ramblings while Japan is getting completely fucked right now. However, sitting around and moping won’t help anything or anyone, so let’s get this party started, folks.

Do it.
  • I have had a string of very, very bad days, thanks to the fuckery of bipolar-ness. It is intensely frustrating, and infuriating, and it makes me wish that I could hack my brain. Get in, re-write, and probably flat-out delete everything that’s wrong.
  • I find it intensely upsetting that there are people out there who honestly think that the things happening in Japan right now are some kind of punishment from God. Seriously, what the fuck?!
  • Jeremy and I have been watching the first season of Rock of Love via Netflix. It’s awesome stuff, and I fucking hate Lacey.
  • On the subject of Jeremy, SOCOM 4 (the game he’s been working on for eleventy-billion years) went into Beta today (details here). Dig it.
  • I haven’t been sleeping well at all lately. The worst part is that my short bouts of sleep have been interrupted by nightmares about spiders. And not just any spiders – big fucking monstrous things! Two nights ago was particularly disturbing. The thing was the size of a goddamn tennis ball (not counting the legs).
  • OMFG, flashbacks of playing Limbo. The spider in that game, though merely a somewhat cartoony black and white shadow terrified the FUCK out of me.
Dude, RUN!!
  • This morning, Munchkin threw the end-all be-all of temper tantrums. It was most definitely the worst tantrum she has ever thrown over anything ever.
  • I’m fucking starving, right now. How about you?
  • Saint Patty’s Day happens to be super retard cat Gizmo’s sixth birthday. I still remember when he was a wee babe, all ears and nowhere near as fucking annoying as he is now.
  • I need to get Midget’s final inoculations before I can enroll her in school (barring any assessment fuckery). I am not looking forward to this, as the last time she had to get shots, she spent about fifteen minutes under the exam table screaming and crying until I had to forcefully pull her out MMA-style. After that it took me and two other nurses to restrain her before she was actually injected with anything.
  • I guess it would be prudent to mention that Midget is, like, ALL MUSCLE. Her legs are unreal, and she has a fucking six-pack.
  • Jeremy and I downloaded Shuma Gorath and Jill for MvC3 today. You guys, seriously? Shit just got real. Even though Jill's gameplay is completely different than the last game, she is still my head bitch. Sorry, Dark Phoenix – you’re awesome, but get your frail ass off of my team.
  • Maybe with a little more practice so I can make some positive changes to my pathetic online record. (Iron Man and Sentinel spammers, yo.)
  • I really wish I would have played Resident Evil 5 before MvC3 came out, though. As awesome as Jill is, everything about her is a giant RE5 spoiler.
This ad ran in Famitsu magazine prior to RE5's Japanese release.
Okay, people. I’ve gone on about a whole lot of nothing long enough. I don’t really have an intelligent way to close this out, so I’m going to remind those of you in the States to text “red cross” to 90999 to help support those in need over in Japan. (“Asia” to 30333 for any Canadian folks here today.) Hug your loved ones and stay classy, party people.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Terribly vexed

When I was a kid, going to kindergarten seemed like a pretty straightforward process: if you turned five by the end of the year, you got your required vaccinations and you went – plain and simple. So, naturally, when I had Midget and Munchkin, I assumed that it would still work that way. Their birthdays would fall during the first part of the school year (Midget’s almost immediately following the start of school, Munchkin’s on Halloween) and everything would be cool. Alas, nothing is ever simple, not even kindergarten.

So, around these parts, the age cut-off to get into kindergarten is August 31st. If you’re born after that, tough shit, your child is going to have to wait until he/she turns six (or is about to turn six) to start kindergarten. However, there is still some hope: if your child misses the August 31st cut off but is born before November 1st, then you can apply for Early Enrollment. Of course, doing so means extra paperwork and some extra stress. After filling out the required papers, you must have your child evaluated by a Washington State certified/licensed psychologist to see if he or she is sufficiently advanced. To get into kindergarten.

Are you fucking kidding me??!

It gets even better, though! So, this assessment? Midget has to pass every area – there’s no room for error. She must show “substantial ability, above average” in mental ability, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, language development, visual discrimination, auditory discrimination, social/emotional development, and readiness skills. (BTW, what the fuck are readiness skills, precisely? Because that sounds pretty broad…) Oh, and if Midget does pass, her enrollment is still conditional, and she’ll be watched very carefully for her first six weeks by her teacher and the principal of her school; they will be able to kick her out for any reason during that time.

This shit is bananas, right? I mean, surely, I can’t be the only one who thinks all of this is completely fucking insane??

As for Midget herself? Man… she is really, really excited about the idea of going to kindergarten. I’ve told her that she needs to take a test to get in, and that she must pass, and it sucks. (Yes, I have told her that it “sucks.” Many times.) She’s a smart kid, and I don’t doubt her ability, but she has a habit of clamming up and of giving up very easily when she gets frustrated (though she does revisit whatever she’s frustrated with at a later time). There are so many things that could go wrong during this whole evaluation process – things that could skew the results entirely. Midget is a kid who will tell you to "calm down" and "think things through" before going on about the "textures" in her food (she wants to be a chef), but if she doesn’t feel like going over her letter sounds, she won’t. Period.

It goes without saying that this whole debacle will fuck up Munchkin’s shit, too. If I have to keep Midget enrolled in her current school longer than planned, I won’t be able to send Munchkin due to financial constraints. So then Munchkin will be knocked back, so to speak, and she won’t get a lot of the learning and socializing experience that her big sister did. Then she’ll be stuck with me for longer than she has to be, and that’s no good. 


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts #17: Adventures with Azithromycin

You guys, I'm too out of it to do the usual epic intro sentence/paragraph. Onward!

Keely = bitchin'
  • Went to the doctor this morning for one issue, but ended up being diagnosed with a raging sinus infection. Is it sinus infection season? Because it seems like a lot of people have one right now.
  • I have officially started the long, harrowing process of getting Midget into kindergarten. It shouldn’t be long or harrowing, as it’s just kindergarten, but the world has gone mad. I will write about this at length soon, I’m sure.
  • Jeremy is sick. AGAIN. WTF, Universe?!
  • I’m finally all caught up on 90210. I’m so glad that everyone stopped being stupid long enough for the whole Annie/Emily thing to be resolved. Of course, now the show is off for a month. Go figure.
  • I’m starting to dislike the cat more and more. Other than being excellent with the girls, and having some of the softest damn fur I have ever felt on an animal, he doesn’t really have any redeeming qualities.
Herpa derp derp derp.
  • Munchkin cut her toe a few days ago, and I still have no idea of how. It’s a big, nasty cut, too – runs almost the entire length of her big toe, is a little too deep for my liking, and is bruised. I’m happy to report that she is handling the injury like a BOSS.
  • While I’m on the subject of Munchkin, have I mentioned the crush she has on one of Midget's teachers? She got all bold today and asked to give him a kiss.
  • Sometimes I miss being a red-head.
  • Sometimes I miss my labret piercing.
  • Chopped: All-Stars debuted a couple of nights ago. That was some good shit.
  • Even better shit? Face-Off on SyFy. The dancing zombies? AMAZING.
  • Even more amazing than dancing zombies? Well, nothing, but the gameplay video for Jill in MvC3 came out today, and it looks like it could be on the same tier of amazing as the zombies.
On that note, I'm going to go daydream about trading in stupid Gizmo for the Cheshire Cat (the Tim Burton version). That guy looks like he'd be a fantastic pet. I wonder if he's any good with kids?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts #16: I got a bunch of shit done today

Trying to post a blog amidst a mess of taxes, emissions tests, eye-wear adjustments, and cooking dinner is hard. Not as hard as math, but still hard. Anyway, you know what’s up:

There really should be some kind of epic theme music for this.

  • Apparently today is National Pig Day. We celebrated by cooking up some (Italian) pork sausage for our spaghetti sauce.
  • I don’t have any good stories about shoveling snow out of the driveway. In fact, I didn’t even have to shovel anything at all, which is awesome, because it was cold as fuck outside.
  • BTW, last week’s snow showers were bizarre and they sucked.
  • I need Spring to get here already. NEED.
  • Jeremy surprised me by purchasing a super-holy-balls-massive limited edition MvC3 arcade stick for me. The thing is seriously bigger than I am… but it’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Aww, shit, son!!

  • If you have two children and you hear the older one proclaim that they are playing dress-up it means that the younger one is being used as a modeling guinea pig.
  • I’m going to set a long-term goal for myself: to be able to open jars without any assistance whatsoever. (Cue raucous laughter.)
  • 90210 continues to be ridiculous and infuriating. This whole Annie and Emily thing in particular actually has me screaming at my television set like, “What are you doing?! SAY SOMETHING!!” Because, you know, if I had a cousin who was fucking up my shit after telling me behind closed doors, “Hey, I’m going to fuck up your shit and everyone thinks I’m innocent!” I would go to my mother, or my boyfriend, or my friends and be like, “Guess what my fucking cousin just did.” Somehow I think you would, too??
  • At least Teddy is finally out of the closet!
  • On the subject of shows on the telly, I am ridiculously excited for Chopped: All Stars.
  • I picked up and read the first volume of The Walking Dead like I said I would. Yay, me!
  • Speaking of zombies, I have not dreamt about them in quite a while (which is just weird). I think I’m about due.
  • Midget is questioning the motives of Darth Vader.

On that note, Midget and Munchkin are completely flipping their shit because it’s that time of night where they completely flip their shit. It’s good times, especially when there are grape sodas and headaches involved. Oh, and stomping. There is a lot of stomping happening right now and I cannot grasp why...