Saturday, July 30, 2011

Heart Songs -- The Sequel!

The original intent behind this post was to talk about the kids, and fear, and how I kind of envy them since I’m a total pussy when it comes to things like spiders and cartwheels, but I have some mad writer’s block, so, instead, I’m just going to share a few of the songs that I can’t stop listening to as of late.

Pulp: This is Hardcore 

I’m sure I’ve mentioned my love for this shit many times in the past. It’s still delightfully dirty, and I still love it. Honestly, though? I kind of hate the video; it takes away from the song.

Girl In a Coma: Consider

I just discovered this band recently and they are already among my favourites ever.

Wallpaper. #stupidfacedd

I talked about this a couple of weeks ago, and how I have been playing it super loud while driving through my ultra-conservative neighborhood. On a side note, Munchkin has tried singing the opening line of “That’s all you got?” but it’s in Munchkin-speak, so it comes out as, “Dat all u gaht?”

The Lonely Island: Jizz In My Pants

LOLZ for all of eternity.

Bassnectar: The 808 Track ft. Mighty High Coup

This is some good stuff to listen to when trying to be productive.

Chevelle: Letter from a Thief

These guys are underrated. I’ve said that before, too, but it’s so true.

Kota Suzuki: Sad But True

It's a good thing that I really, really like this song, because it has become one of my biggest ear worms! It has played so many times in this household that Midget and Munchkin actually recognize it: “That’s the Jill song!” My kids are going to grow up to be huge dorks…

Ellen McClain (as GLaDOS): Want You Gone (Spoiler Alert: Portal 2)

I actually woke up with this stuck in my head at three in the morning. It's awesome.

Pearl Jam: Black

Hells yes. Does anybody else feel kind of old listening to this? Or is it just me?

Ewan McGregor, Jose Feliciano, and Jacek Koman: El Tango de Roxanne

Isn't this out on Blu-Ray? If it is, somebody needs to upload a goddamn HD version of this already... Whatever. Ewan McGregor's vocals own you.

Ludacris ft. Nicki Minaj: My Chick Bad

I will always have a soft spot for Luda. The remix is sick, too.

So, yeah, that's what's been playing rabidly in my iPod, car, or notebook playlists. Good times, right? I'll try to refrain from the boring music posts for awhile, but these are such great filler material! (Plus, I'm really into my music, so it's an opportunity to kind of geek out a little bit...)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts #37: I think hyphie sounds better than crunk

It’s Tuesday, so it’s time to get all hyphie up in this bitch! Here we go~!

Still rebelling against Keely's hiatus -- like a boss!
  • SDCC. One day, I hope to go. Jeremy went for work once: He told me that it’s hella hot and smells hella bad, but I would still like to check it out. Just once.
  • At the con they revealed the character posters for The Avengers. The Hulk one looks pretty damn good. (Hulk is sort of a big deal in this household.) Still pissed that Norton was replaced with Ruffalo, though...
  • Midget made up the most awesome song a few days ago: “I was a pizza, I was a pizza, now I am a mess.” IDK what the fuck it means, but, I mean, come on. Unadulterated awesome.
  • The family trip to Cali has officially been cancelled, and I couldn’t be more disappointed. Instead of spending next week kickin’ it with friends I haven’t seen in over a year, I’ll be going through the same monotonous routine while hoping that the weather will be good enough for me to do yard work.
  • Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame!!!! I'm hella sad now!!
  • We’re still planning on going down to SoCal at some point, but I really don’t know when we will have that opportunity.
  • Gordon Ramsay’s Scottish Rage.
  • Everybody is all uppity about the death of Amy Winehouse, but, really… who didn’t see it coming?
  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is bullshit!!
  • I’ve still been having trouble sleeping. It’s nowhere near as bad as it was last week, but it’s enough to really wreck my shit. On top of the insomnia, the night-sweating is back with a vengeance. Ugh.
  • Kristen Stewart being cast as Snow White in the upcoming Snow White is one of the most ridiculous casting choices I have heard in a long time: That chick has the acting range of a potato. Seriously not a fan. Also, what the fuck with the suit of armor?
Vast is das?!
  • I have a disease: it’s called Zuma Blitz.
I reckon that closes out this week. Tune in next Tuesday when I mope about not being in Cali: It will be the most epic RTT installment ever!

(Not really, but whatever.)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts #36: If Insomnia had a throat, I would stab it in the jugular

Insert engaging and witty intro somewhere over here.

Stacy, as always, is the Random Ring Leader 
  • Update: Midget got into kindergarten!! Take that, WA State, and your stupid age cut-off! This means that I get to buy school supplies; a cute little backpack, a lunchbox… So exciting!
  • I experienced single most brutal bout of insomnia I have ever had on Sunday: I slept for a grand total of one hour. One. Hour. Maybe one hour and fifteen minutes, but doubtful. Insomnia is bullshit.
  • (Goddamn, I hope I’m not going manic again...)
  • I braved the insomnia and a grand total of two hours of sleep (I got an hour nap in during the afternoon) to see Deathly Hallows Pt.2. I’m proud of myself: I held my shit together and didn’t need a single tissue during the movie. There was one scene in particular that really threatened to fuck my shit up, but IDK. Maybe I was too tired to react too much. I will say this, though: “always.”
  • I liked the book way better, though.
  • That trip to Cali that I’ve been hella stoked about? I’m starting to doubt that it will happen thanks to a pretty big wrench being thrown into things. Argh. ARGH, goddamnit!!
  • Big Brother is a show that I never thought I could get into, but it’s quite interesting. I’ve been watching for a few years now; you would think that it would get old, but somehow, it doesn’t.
  • Google +. Yay, or nay? I have yet to "experience" it yet or whatever. Should I care?
  • I treated myself to bacon and beer on Friday night. It was awesome.
I should have just scanned my sticker and made it all high-res and shit, but...
  • Caught Munchkin sleepwalking a few nights ago. Kind of creepy. Not as creepy as that one time with Midget, but still a little unsettling.

Okay, so, seriously? My brain is so fried and exhausted that I have to keep the Random short today. Hopefully nap time will come with zero complications today (like those stupid poops that either delay the start or end it early – I hate those) and I can regain some semblance of higher brain function.

Take it easy~

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Battle of the Binky

Munchkin will be three this Halloween, which is pretty unbelievable -- something about that whole passage of time thing. Also unbelievable is her attachment to her damn binkies. It is definitely time to break her of this, especially since stumbling into her pitch black room several times a night to find the binky that she dropped during one of her somnambulistic pro-wresting sessions is killing me. (To be fair, it hasn’t been happening nearly as much lately, which I consider to be a small victory.) However, if she doesn't have all available binkies with her when it’s time to tuck her in, they have to be hunted down. She needs at least one, but will ask about the whereabouts of the others, thus delaying bedtime by however long it takes to either find them or say, “IT DOESN'T MATTER,” about fifteen times. 

So, the question is all about how to wean her off of these bastards. Midget had a binky habit, too; I had to get really creative with her: I told her that zombies came and ate those bitches. To add some realism to this claim, I took one of her binkies and attacked it with a pair of kitchen shears, making it look, well… half-eaten. Extreme, maybe, but it worked.

However, every now and then she still asks why the zombies ate her binkies…

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts #35: Like icing on a Cinnabon!

Another Tuesday is upon us, and, as always, I have shit to purge. Yippy.

Insert smiley face here
  • The kindergarten thing is still up in the air. Program director or whatever is still on vacation – until tomorrow, that is…
  • Next month we are taking a trip down to SoCal, and I am hella fucking excited about it! There are still a lot of logistical things that need to be worked out, as Jeremy will be there for business, and we will only have one rental car and shit. But once we get a good plan going, it’s going to be awesome!!
  • The beach! Homies!!!! Warm weather!!!! Homies!!!!
  • Speaking of homies, LG is taking road trip that will lead her up here at the end of August! So, the girls and I will get to see everyone we’ve been missing from CA! How cool is that?!
  • The ladybug farm isn’t looking so good...
  • Jeremy got me the first Sookie Stackhouse books. I read them a few years back, but we were talking about how I didn’t really remember a whole lot about them (except that Sookie gets kind of slutty) so he figured, “Why not?” and picked them up for me. And by picked them up, I mean he ordered them from Amazon :D (Thanks, luv!)
My amazing photography skills at work here, folks.
  • Deathly. Fucking. Hallows Part 2. Holla.
  • The keywords and search terms that are bringing people to this blog are getting a bit weird again:“why do haulk up spit wheni wakeup,” “80's movies with midgets in it,” and, “stains on rabbit.” What the hell??
  • I FINALLY got the fucking Be The Knife Achievement in RE5!! Only took four months or so. That bastard was worth 60g!
  • The ending song to Portal 2, Want You Gone, is so goddamn catchy. Too goddamn catchy, even! It's laced with spoilers though, so I can't go blaring that shit in the car (like I do with Still Alive) just yet...
  • A wild bird perched on my ass for a good 30 or 40 seconds while I was weeding the backyard a few days ago. Didn't realize it was appealing to birds...
  • I’ve had the opportunity to drive through the neighborhood blaring #stupidfacedd by Wallpaper. A few times. Awesome song, but I think the folks around here probably hate me for playing it so loud:

“I don't put glue sticks in my nose and um
Get my face pasted to linoleum
Kitchen floor shit
Some college dorm shit;
Face down in a bloodstained carpet
Get chicks at the farmers' market
White girls buy produce
Take them home, make them drink Grey Goose…

          That's the first verse. Smiley face.

  • Awhile back, Sarah Silverman tweeted that she wished she could sing like Ewan McGregor. I wish I could sing like him, too. That would pretty cool.
And, just like that, random for the week is over and done with. Cheers!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts #34: Wicca, weird questions, and wondering what happens next

So… who’s in the throes of a barbeque hangover? Anyone?

'Sup, Stacy?
  • Those who follow me on ze Twitter are already aware, but for the rest, Midget’s eval results are in, and according to the psychologist, she is:  “a bright preschooler with a high average level of intellectual ability. She was above the 5 ½ year age equivalency on many but not all of the tests administered. She was above this standard for mental ability, fine motor skills, visual discrimination, auditory discrimination, social/emotional adjustment, and language development. Her gross motor skills were average and developing normally. Her early reading skills were average. Her early math skills were average. Her early writing skills were above average. Given that the preponderance of her scores were in the high average range, she would probably adjust quickly to a kindergarten classroom this fall.
  • Sounds awesome, right? Unfortunately, it’s really up to the school district now, and I’m nervous that they might be like, “NOPE!” because of, like, one test that she scored below average on. If they focus on that one aspect of the whole, I will call shenanigans and fight the shit out them. I also have to wait at least a week before I hear anything. Thanks for taking vacation, program coordinator! Now I'mma be a stressed out wreck while you get your suntan and mojitos on!!
  • True Blood is back in full swing (duh), and I’m definitely intrigued as to where it’s going despite last week’s lackluster season opener. I find it kind of funny that Fiona Shaw, who has played Aunt Petunia in the Harry Potter movies, is the leader of a Wiccan coven.
  • I also find the portrayal of witches and Wicca in television really amusing. Like, damn. If I could do some of the shit they do in these shows, I would totally practice more often! (Uh-oh, did I just out myself from the broom closet? …Whatever.)
If "black" magick worked like this we'd all be fucked.

  • I beat Portal 2 yesterday, which was hella rad; great game, to say the least. If you’re a gamer and haven’t played it, do yourself a favour and get on that straightaway.
  • Midget has been asking some rather strange questions over the last few days:

* While I was playing RE5: “I wonder what Chris smells like?” (WTF, Midget?!)
* Randomly in the morning: “Is ‘douchebag’ a grown-up word?” (Definitely not a kid word.)
* Playing with balloons: “Do I look like I have boobies?” (NO.)
*On the subject of Jeremy sleeping in on the weekends: “Can’t you marry another guy? And he can just marry another girl?” (Seriously, Midget, WTF?!)

  • We got Midget a ladybug farm a few weeks back. We just got the larvae about a week ago, and I’m all anxious for them to grow up so to speak. I get the feeling that she is, too.
  • Munchkin has been being an asshole as of late. Grr. Argh.
  • One of my least favourite things to do in the entire world is shape my eyebrows. So. Tedious
  • The tattoo I was supposed to get for my birthday last year is ridiculously overdue. I seriously want to get that shit done, but I might have to use any extra funds for something much more mundane – like a new washer and dryer combo. The start knob for the dryer is being held together by duct tape (internally), and I just had to realign the damn washer due to a series of unbalanced loads that actually physically moved the damn thing all over the laundry room.

Okay, on that note, I’m done rambling for the week. Cheers~