Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts #50: Help me, I am in laundry hell!

Goddamnit, why can’t I ever put together a good introduction for these posts anymore?

Holding it down like a boss.

  • I am glad to report that Jeremy is doing way better than he was last week. He still sounds like shit, but he’s definitely on the upswing.
  • I have been doing laundry damn near non-stop for the last week or so. I have no idea of how this shit piles up the way it does, but it's rather disturbing.
  • Had a meeting with Midget’s teacher yesterday and she’s doing really well; that six-week hurdle I was concerned about was more like… a bread crumb in the grand scheme of things: She has all of the skills she needs to be where she is, and she’s doing well. So, put that in your pipe and smoke it, WA State.
  • I upgraded my iPhone to iOS 5 last night and spent waaay too much time making sure that everything was configured/reconfigured to my liking. When I play with gadgets, I get in the zone: understanding everything and making it absolutely perfect becomes an all-consuming mission…
  • Silver is, hands down, the most annoying character on 90210.
  • Jeremy and I played and beat Resident Evil 0 over the weekend: We had started it years ago, made it to the final save point, and then put it down because he got ├╝ber busy at work or something, and never picked it back up. I love me some RE, but, wow. I really, really disliked it; it was a completely unneeded bit of thoughtlessly crafted story that adds absolutely nothing to the narrative and actually conflicts with things that were previously established.
  • Related: sloppy writing, in general, really bothers me. A LOT.
Alright, party people, I’ve got nothing left. Munchkin is boycotting sleep once again, so I have to be on my toes at all hours – now being a prime example…

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts #49: Gurgle

It’s that time again:


  • So, this post almost didn’t happen. I usually start compiling my shit a day or two in advance, but thanks to some time-management fails I am scrambling to do this so that I can keep that goddamn streak alive. A couple of more weeks, man…
  • I made Jeremy go to the doctor last week and it turned out that he had bronchitis so severe that it was bordering on turning into pneumonia. Gack! He was prescribed an opiate based cough syrup, and antibiotic, and sleep.
  • Last night, he was well enough to take me to the movies while his mom watched the girls. We saw The Thing, which wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t particularly scary, and if you’ve seen the ’82 joint then you know what you’re ultimately getting into. Also, the Thing itself made me think of vagina dentata. Constantly, because there is clearly something wrong with me.
  • We just purchased a new Xbox 360 with Kinect and set it up last night. The purchase was primarily for a bigger hard drive, but we’ve decided to surprise the girls with Kinectimals, because any time they see a telly spot for it they go ape shit.
  • I hate Blogger’s comment form and I know I’m not the only one. But do you know what else I hate? The fact that I have tried installing Disqus and Intense Debate, but both have been giving me technical difficulties. Fuckity!

Alright, my brain is too fried to really think of anything else for today. Here’s hoping I’ll be a little less brain-dead by next week…

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts #48: Glow sticks and gaming -- the norm

Herpa derp derp derpity derp.

Hot mama!

  • Cold and flu season is bullshit.
  • Last week I attacked the living shit out of Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD, as I’m sure anybody who drops in regularly probably assumed that I would. Can I just say that after all these years, two back-to-back if-you-move-even-a-millimeter-in-the-wrong-direction-instant-death-situations with no save point is still incredibly stressful even though I recalled exactly what to do/where to go? Because it is.
This is a terrible shot from the old-school release because nobody has video of this in HD. WTF, internet?! Anyway, see that giant axe? DEATH.
  • I have had an overwhelming urge to play with makeup lately.
  • Cough.
  • Glow sticks are motherfucking awesome.
  • You know what else is motherfucking awesome? DEXTER. I love that show almost as much as I love LOST. (Maybe slightly more.)
  • Scare Tactics is back on, and I have to take this moment to state the obvious: Tracy Morgan is the absolute worst host ever.
  • Hack cough.
  • My poor husband sounds way worse than I do by a long shot; I feel hella bad for him.
  • That Courtney Stodden chick disturbs the living shit out of me.
  • I need to reiterate my love for my new, comfy hat. It’s great for bad hair days.
  • I need to reiterate Midget and Munchkin’s love for my new, comfy hat, as well. They are constantly like, “CAN I WEAR IT?!”
Censored for anonymity or whatever.
Alright, ladies and gents (but mostly ladies) – I’m done for now. Also, I know that I have been pretty bad about commenting lately, but rest assured that I am reading, and that I will also try to reply over here, too. Peace~

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts #47: Dexter, donuts, and hats -- Oh, my!


No witty opening sentiment today.


  • So, Dexter premiered on Sunday, and it seems to be off to a good start. I don’t know if the writers will ever top season 4, but the show still continues to be awesome. Michael C. Hall continues to be awesome playing this cat; he's totally likable... but he's a serial-killing sociopath. It's amazing. I still can't believe he got shafted at the Emmy awards AGAIN.
  • Related to Dexter: Colin Hanks is creeeepy! 
  • My sinuses are being assholes. Again. (Ew.)
  • Munchkin’s newest “thing”: telling on me when I say no to her. “Daddy, Mommy said ‘no’ to me!”
  • Women’s wrestling is fucking atrocious.
  • Digsby is making me sad because there’s some kind of issue with Facebook that is preventing it from working properly. I hope they patch it soon.
  • I bought an awesome knit hat last week: rainbow coloured, pom-pom up top, long dangly sides… and motherfucking COMFORTABLE.
  • I finally got a haircut last week, and I think that having two inches cut off made more of a difference than I initially thought it would. I still have hella hair, but the missing length is definitely noticeable. And I miss it! Gah!!
  • Midget's hair was cut last week, as well, and it's kind of weird seeing it all short. I got used to it being all long and whatnot, and I know that it will be back in no time, but, still. 
  • On the subject of Midget, she seems to be doing really well in school and it's making me all proud and shit. Insert giant smiley here.
  • 7-11 glazed donuts are fucking amazing. I mean, seriously. AMAZING. They must use unicorns and cocaine to make the damn things because I almost feel like I can't live without them.
  • Jeremy and I are starting to decorate for Halloween. It’s a big deal around here because A) it’s Munchkin’s birthday and B) it has always been our favourite holiday. We have some pretty neat decorations; I think our house is totally going to stand out this year – AGAIN, because all of our neighbors are straight-laced and lame.
  • I am ridiculously excited to get my iPhone case in the mail.

Okay, so, sinuses are in danger of exploding all over my screen. Charming, I know, but it’s the absolute truth. Time to go and curl up under the blankets and contemplate whether or not I truly need to don a nasal strip. Peace~