Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts #58: Swiper, no swiping!

I’m bored and it’s Tuesday, so that must mean that it’s time for…

  • Went out and saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for Valentine’s last week. Romantic film choice, right? I rather enjoyed it, though. Good movie, even if it is long as fuck.
  • I think I need to keep a running tally of how many times I have to trek up and down the stairs after putting the kids to bed since they, you know, don’t go to bed. They are constantly getting into shenanigans that involve screaming (why, oh why, do kids love to scream?), jumping, and more often than not, Munchkin getting her ass kicked by doorknobs, poorly-timed jumps, and whatever the hell else can harm a three-year old child.
  • On the plus-side, my ass looks amazing because, well, fuck a regular exercise regimen! Two kids + two flights of stairs = firmness. I’m not entirely sure about my cardio, but I have a feeling that it, too, has seen some kind of improvement over the last few months.
  • There is a copy of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 sitting on a shelf across the room, waiting to be trolled.
  • A few days back I had to run some major diagnostics on my hard drive. iTunes was locking up my entire notebook, so, yeah, had to look into that. The scan found a bad cluster, so now I’m totally freaked out that my computer is going to die soon. Obviously I’m hoping that it doesn’t happen.
  • God, that would suuuuuck!!
  • I played Gears of War 3 for the first time over the weekend. Local multi-player; nothing special. I don’t feel the need to complete the campaign. I’ve seen the bulk of the cut-scenes including the ending, which, by the way, has some of the worst goddamn dialogue I’ve heard ever. So, so cheesy!
  • As of this moment I have been upstairs three times.
  • Found the missing pieces to the Sleeping Beauty puzzle I talked about last week. It’s all nice and framed and ready to be placed in Munchkin’s room. I just completed the Cinderella one earlier but I haven’t bought the frame yet.
  • LG suggested that I nickname her “Spoiler” because she tends to text me about The Walking Dead before I have seen the episode. Must change this.
  • I’m not particularly fond of this Timeline thing on Facebook. I changed over to it because I thought that it was going to be rolled out for all users on January 31st, but I guess that changed? So now I can't go back, but at least I have a bitchin' Portal image as my cover.
  • I’m totally cool with the “new” Twitter, though. I’m actually quite surprised that there are so many people out there that are just now getting it. I had it the first day it went live…
Okay, this has gone on longer than it should have. Sorry about that. Here, I’ll close out with Kevin Smith’s thoughts about Dora the Explorer, because it’s damn funny. Cheers!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts #57 -- I'm watching 28 Days Later right now and it's at the part where shit gets real.

It’s Tuesday and it’s Valentine’s Day! Woohoo!


  • First thing’s first: I’m trying a few different things out with my coding, including a new commenting system, so, yeah. If, for some reason, you try to comment and it doesn’t work, would you kindly let me know? (Twitter will be your best bet.) EDIT: comment section was actually broken this morning, but all is well. Back to Blogger's crappy default system, but whatever. I'll take that over not working at all any day.
  • So, you know those sad sacks that walk around every Valentine’s Day all, “FUCK Valentine’s Day!” and mope around and talk shit? Yeah, those people are wankers.
  • I bought an amazing art-nouveau Sleeping Beauty puzzle a few days ago: 1,000 pieces, absolutely gorgeous. I initially picked it up as a project to do with the girls because they both love doing puzzles, but after the first ten minutes I realized that this would be exceedingly difficult for them to get in on. I resolved to finish the puzzle and frame it, give it to one of the girls, and to procure the sister puzzle (of Cinderella) to give to the other. As luck would have it, 1,000 pieces turned out to be 998; two were completely absent from the box, and I’m rather unhappy about that.
  • Stopped in to the comic book store last night and saw the oddest thing: two kids walked in (16? 17? Maybe 18?). One girl, one bloke. He was a brony – have you lot heard of these things? Bronies are male fans of My Little Pony: boy/bloke + pony = brony. Anyway, this kid was a brony, as evidenced by his attire: a too-small, pastel-coloured pony (or maybe it was a unicorn?) costume haphazardly thrown over some skinny jeans and whatnot. Also, he was on a leash. Words cannot even begin to describe HOW BADLY I wanted to get a photo of this kid! Sadly, I was unable to. Hell, I couldn’t even keep a sustained glance in the pair’s direction, it was so goddamn ridiculous!
  • I didn’t watch the Grammy’s at all, but I read plenty of live-tweets about the event. Deadmau5’s epic trolling of Skrillex was brilliant. For those of you who are like, “Eh?” the former showed up to the event wearing Skrillex’s phone number on his t-shirt.

  • New Girl is quickly becoming one of my favourite shows on telly. It’s consistently funny and I hope that the writers can keep it up. Last week, in particular, had me dying. I even watched it again via On Demand for good measure and laughed just as much as I had previously.
  • On the subject of telly: WALKING DEAD. Hells yes. That's all I can say about that.

Well, that's all for me. Happy Valentine's Day, you guys!