Friday, November 15, 2013

My experience with Burial At Sea summarized with animated gifs

I think a lot of people know that I've fallen hard for BioShock Infinite. My current Twitter avi (the Lutece twins), and the almost nonsensical tweets and FB updates (it's hard to come across as sane when trying to keep things vague and spoiler-free) have been totally Infinite-centric. I can't help it; I think it's fantastic, and I just finished my own personal play through this week. (I watched Jeremy play through it a couple of times earlier this year, when he tackled the Main Campaign in Normal mode followed by 1999 mode.)

Nevertheless, the first story-related DLC for it, Burial At Sea Episode 1 came out this week, so, naturally, I was fucking stoked.

Then, there was the "new" Elizabeth, who's a total 180 from who she was in Infinite's main story.

And, then, there was that ending, which, was definitely shocking...

But not as HOLY SHIT as I had been led to believe. So, there was some quiet contemplation, and then, at two in the morning, the absolute horror of the events that unfolded really started to kick in.

Then came some renewed analysis of BioShock Infinite's main ending:

And, now, the wait for Episode 2...

All gifs courtesy of gif-central. I own nothing!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

But I was here first!

I was considering a move to tumblr, (or at least creating an "extension" of my madness) but then I found out that somebody is already using the domain over there. Or, rather, was using it, because she hasn't updated her stuff in over a year. A quick search over on Google shows that my blog is now number four on the list of Dorkisms on the web; there's a Pinterest user with a sizable board called Dorkisms, and some people going with the "Dork-isms" route (which isn't so bad, I suppose). There's a Facebook page, too; it has an amazing 21 likes. I'm not gonna bother linking it, because, in all honestly, it's pretty bad.

So, now I'm a bit... confounded. Changing the name of this blog is not an option; this space has been here since 2009, and I have used it for professional instances (LOL I know, right?); I also got a shout-out from Destructoid last year (can you tell that I'm proud of that?). All of these other spaces were established AFTER I started here, but it's not like the name is copyrighted or anything, so why am I even writing about this?

It's probably not justified, but I can't help feeling a bit salty; before I made this blog, I made damn sure that I wasn't taking somebody else's name/domain/etc.

It would be nice if other people would take the extra time to do that, too.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

More like "Wordy" Wednesday because of that one time I freaked out over a bottle of tequila

This was originally going to be a quick, Wordless Wednesday post (to reinforce that I'm not dead), but then I decided that it probably wouldn't make a lot of sense since Poltergeist II came out so long ago, and a lot of people probably haven't seen it or have, but just don't remember it very well because their psyches just created blocks to suppress that shit because of how fucked up it was. Also, that was a really long sentence. Nevertheless, what you see above is the tequila worm from Poltergeist II, the second in a trilogy of movies that seriously fucked me up as a child. Because, for some reason, my parents, with their infinite wisdom, showed me all three films before I was even six. (I also saw Nightmare on Elm Street when I was three. I was unable to sleep in my own bed for years after that. YEARS.)

Anyway, I was thinking that comparing the horrible things I'm coughing up from my ongoing bout with Man Flu to the above worm would be humorous on some level -- but then I remembered the actual film, which was TERRIFYING, followed by the time that my dad took a business trip to Mexico around the same time I saw the movie. He came back with a bottle of tequila that had a worm swimming around in it and I




There was screaming, and crying, and I was absolutely convinced that my dad was going to swallow the worm and vomit it back up, and then it would crawl around the apartment and... I don't even know what! BUT IT WOULD! It would slither around all over the place! It would be slimy, and sickly, and how could these adults be so shockingly cavalier about the situation my dad just put us in?!? I'm pretty sure they thought that it was funny, or cute, or frustrating, or a mixture of the three because, let's face it, sometimes little kid freak outs can be inappropriately comical. Regardless, I woke up the next morning and there was the bottle on the counter -- but the worm was gone. I spent my day on the brink of tears, unwilling to walk around by myself, on the lookout for any possessed, human-sized worm creatures hanging out around the apartment.

After years of not seeing any of Poltergeist's monsters, the tequila worm has elicited a knee-jerk, DAFUQ?! reaction that brings me to the conclusion that attempting to watch any of the Poltergeist flicks will result in possible crying and an absolute need for sedatives.

Thanks, mom and dad.