Thursday, January 30, 2014

One month in and 2014 can already eat a bag of dicks

I wanted my first post of the new year to be optimistic and full of joy; perhaps a number about new opportunities, and "here's hoping that 2014 will treat us better than '12 and '13 did!" or some shit, but an extremely unfortunate and catastrophic event has occurred, thus derailing any such train of thought:

That's right -- we have kicked off the year by being hit in the face with extremely sudden unemployment. U4iA Games was shut down without any notice whatsoever; everyone went to work in the morning, did their thing, and were thanked for it by a company-wide memo that said they were done. The way the company went about it, and the lack of any sort of compensation (or even a goddamn warning) is bullshit. They were basically like, "BYE," and that was it. To say that there's a healthy amount of rage surrounding this thing can't even come close to accurately describing the feelings surrounding the situation. Honestly, I have been in a near-constant state of nausea since it happened; I think about what happened, and I crunch our numbers (because, you know, we still have to pay for things), and then I feel like throwing up.

Jeremy, of course, is more than a little raw, but he's a much nicer, stronger person than I am, so he's dealing with this as best as he can: by staying productive and finding humour in little things.

Though, you have to admit, that is kind of funny...