Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A quick update on my mom

A few weeks back my mom called me, and when I asked what was up she happily replied with,


All I could do was stare at the kitchen counter and verbalize my confusion. Because HOW. It's not like I was out of touch with her or anything; I would talk to her and hear the fatigue in her voice on a regular basis. She always sounded so beat down (just like my dad did), and would give me updates about where she was at with her treatment plan(s). One of my cousins even called me to say that my mom was starting to look sick thanks to very sudden weight loss. So, again, HOW.

Well. It turns out that her Stage 4 breast cancer was separate from what was actually Stage 1 lung cancer. The doctor(s) labelled her as Stage 4 when they mistakenly thought what was in her breast and lymph nodes metastasized further into her lung. The mastectomy took care of what was in her breast and lymph nodes (Stage 3), which left the little bit inside of her lung to be taken care of -- which it was via the non-invasive procedure I briefly mentioned the last time I wrote about her sickness.

Did that come out right? Because writing is hard.

tl;dr instead of one mega cancer she had two different cancers at the same time (one of which was worse than the other).

She is still undergoing chemotherapy (had her first round today) to make sure that all of the cancerous cells are eradicated; I don't remember how long she'll have to do it though. Nevertheless, it looks like she'll be sticking around longer than anyone previously thought, so yay for that~ 


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